Gift Wrap, Gift Bag and Tissue Paper

Case Study:
CSS Industries (Cleo Wrap)

Organize multi-national manufacture and distribution of gift wrap, bags, tissue paper and retail displays.

Manufacturers were chosen based on price, experience, site visits and technical capabilities.

Z&J saved CSS Industries $8.5 million over five years on $80 million in purchases.

We arranged shipment of products to warehouses within Asia (Walmart and Kmart), distribution centers in the United States and individual retail centers (Walgreens).

We avoided costly delays by coordinating the specific point of origin paperwork required in each of the various countries.

Z&J International specializes in importing paper, cardboad packaging, paper goods and plastic containers for retail and wholesale clients.  

We produce jewelry boxes, shoe boxes, dust bags, wood boxes, shipping boxes, scrapbook albums and accessories, reusable bags, shopping bags, branded tissue paper, restaurant takeout containers, food packaging, dry cleaning supplies and floral arrangement materials.

Our long-standing relationships with factories in the United States and overseas enable us to secure unparalleled prices for top quality packaging.  If you provide product specifications or samples and the quantity needed, we can quantify how much we can save your company.  Call 901.277.7812, email or contact us for a complimentary price analysis today. 

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